3M Medical Tape Converters – Avoiding Amateur Hour

If you have made the decision to order a custom adhesive product of any kind, it is usually safe to say that it is for an important purpose. After all, if the matter was of no consequence, it probably would have been fine to pick up a standard ‘off the shelf’ adhesive. Those who seek and the services of quality, usually have much more specific and intensive demands and therefore require a product of vastly superior quality.

Which is precisely why it is of the utmost importance to take nothing for granted when it comes to selecting manufacturers and suppliers to work with.  The simple fact of the matter is that while there may be an extensive array of adhesive suppliers on the market today, not all are necessarily of the same calibre. In fact, many are nothing more than middlemen who make a living out of selling the products of others, or amateurs masquerading as professionals.

Which begs the question – what’s the best way of avoiding amateur hour when looking to order adhesive products of such importance?

The answer lies in simple common sense and a willingness to pay attention to the following, before placing an order:

1.Website Quality and Merit

First of all, the most immediately apparent and obvious sign that you may be dealing with amateurs is a website of poor quality or low merit. It should be relatively easy to work out after spending just a few minutes evaluating their website whether or not this is in fact a professional business that knows exactly what it is doing and what it is talking about. For example, a professional medical tape converter will more often than not present a site of real depth, packed with an abundance of information as to the products they sell, their background, affiliates, partners and so on. In other instances, there will be little to no information whatsoever – i.e. nothing to verify the quality and calibre of the provider in question.

2.Professionalism And Presentation

In a similar vein, it is also worth taking into account exactly how polished and professional the overall image conveyed is when taking into account the company’s website. The reason being that there isn’t an established and reputable brand on the face of the earth these days that would allow themselves to be represented by an unprofessional or poorly presented website. While it’s true to say that website presentation alone cannot be used to verify overall product quality, it is rare to find a brand of quality that doesn’t operate a polished and professional website.

3.Vague Information

Another sign that usually indicates something of an amateurish operation is the provision of vague information, in terms of both products and pricing alike.  Most amateurs in this line of work operate as middleman who essentially take orders, fill them elsewhere and keep some of the profits for themselves. As such, they are often unable to provide concrete information as they first have to relay their orders and requirements via an additional party. They may be unwilling or unable to offer concrete quotations or in-depth details about the products on offer when prompted – vagueness or delays in answering questions are both strong signs of amateur outfits.

4.No Feedback

Now more than ever, it is important to take into account the opinions and thoughts of other clients and customers that have made use of any given manufacturer or service provider before. The simple fact of the matter is that any medical tape converter that has been in business for some time will have dealt with hundreds, maybe even thousands of clients with similar requirements to your own. As such, it is inevitable that a great many will have left reviews, testimonials and their own opinions in general to advise others. If such feedback appears to be absent from the equation all together, it is usually because a) the manufacturer would prefer you didn’t see it or b) they haven’t in fact worked with many clients to date, which in its own right isn’t necessarily reassuring.

5.Contact Information

Last up, amateurish operations that are best avoided can often be singled out simply by examining the contact information listed on the website.  In the case of a reputable, reliable and responsible business, you will always be provided with the registered address of the business, at least one landline telephone number, e-mail addresses and so on.  On the reverse side of the coin, amateurish operations often operate out of standard residential addresses or use PO boxes, along with mobile telephone numbers and generic web-mail addresses like Gmail.