5 Effective Back Pain Remedies

Many people suffer from back pain caused by lack of exercise, obesity or incorrect body position at work. To avoid the pain and discomfort, here are five back pain remedies that can ease the symptoms and help you live a normal life.

Yoga and exercise

It is proven that those who take at least one session of yoga every week for three months noticed serious improvements in their back condition. There are also special sets of exercises you can perform in order to alleviate your back pain and you can even join physical therapy groups where professional trainers and therapists will show you exactly which moves you can perform to strengthen your back muscles.

The acupuncture

Numerous medical studies have shown that acupuncture can relieve chronic back pain and the mobility of patients, often affected by the underlying disease. Acupuncture can be very effective for both acute and chronic pain in the spine and can sometimes produce extraordinary results. The age of symptoms seems to be less relevant in the case of back pain than in other diseases because most chronic back pain that lasted for more than 20 years are sometimes resolved in a few sessions of acupuncture. It is, however, important for the acupuncturist to communicate with the patient and their rheumatologist or neurologist for the proper use of acupuncture and the exclusion of other diseases, such as malignancies.

The back massage

This type of therapy helps you relax, is devoid of side effects and, in addition, the massage relieves unbearable back pain caused by uncomfortable position at work and the lack of exercise. Moreover, the massage proved to be more effective in lower back pain than many types of drugs.

A good mattress

The way you sleep has a huge effect on how your body feels during the day. If your sleep is agitated, you move a lot and make sudden moves in your sleep, it is likely that you will wake up with excruciating back pain that will keep you immobilized throughout the day. If your mattress is not good enough to create proper sleeping conditions and if you wake up with back pain, changing your mattress can bring huge changes in the quality of your sleep. For research purposes, we recommend the bestmattress.guru website, where you will find some excellent reviews that will help you pick the right mattress for your needs.

Use ointments and lotions

Ointments and lotions from plants that you can prepare at home can be ten times more beneficial than the products you find in pharmacies because they contain only natural ingredients. To relieve the discomfort caused by back pain, prepare a comfrey root lotion with anti-inflammatory properties that will prove to be very efficient in calming your back pain. To prepare the lotion, you need to take comfrey and alcohol, put them in a jar, mix well and seal the jar. After 14 days strain and use the lotion infused in alcohol but make sure not to use it more than 10 days because it can be toxic.