6 types of massage therapies that are beneficial for you

When thinking about massage sessions, some people see nothing but relaxation. It is true that you feel a lot better and more relaxed after attending a massage session, but this therapy has other medical purposes that can be quite beneficial for your health. In case you are interested in finding more information about the advantages of going to massage sessions, you should look for the best Gold Coast sports centre because this way you can be sure you benefit from optimal results. Below are six of the most common types of massages that people can find in professional clinics.

Sports massage

One of the most common situations when massage therapy is requested is in sports. People who practice high-impact sports or who have suffered some serious injuries are the ones who resort to physiotherapy and massage the most. Sports massages are supposed to help sportspersons by offering them a comfortable sensation. This allows them to train without having to worry that they will suffer from severe pain during the treatment or, for instance, during competitions. It is important to know that people are not restricted to going to massage sessions only in the case of injuries. They can go to massage at any time, whether it is before, during or after important sports activities, because these sessions not only help athletes relax, but they also help those sportspersons release tension from joints and muscles and thus prevent any unwanted injuries to affect their condition.

Remedial massage

Many people confuse remedial massage with relaxation massage, while others believe they are one and the same thing. Truth is they are two different techniques used in different situations by therapists. While the relaxation massage’s only purpose is to help the patient get rid of the stress and to relax, the remedial massage is suitable for those who suffer from muscle tension or have some chronic pain. Besides the massage sessions, the therapist has to discover the pain cause too in this case, in order to determine what technique they should use and to help you relieve the tension from that area.  It is important to know which muscle is the one that causes you trouble and to focus more on that muscle.

Trigger point massage therapy

For those who do not know too much about this therapy, they should know that trigger points, more commonly known as muscle knots are some quite big sore spots that might appear in a muscle. This therapy uses pressure and it applies it to muscles in order to relieve pain and even correct dysfunction in the other parts of the body. Besides treating chronic pain, other important benefits of trigger point massages is that they help you increase range of motion, thus improving flexibility and blood circulation. Moreover, you have fewer headaches and muscle spasms. This therapy is recommended for people who suffer from fibromyalgia, back pain, or arthritis.

Pregnancy massages

Even though it might be hard to believe, massage therapies should not be avoided during pregnancy. Most women believe that when they are pregnant they should not make any effort and just wait for the big moment to come. It is commonly known that there are many serious changes in the woman’s body the moment she is pregnant. Feeling a permanent state of discomfort is often met in pregnant women. They should attend massage sessions that are specifically designed for them, because these sessions will help them relieve stress. Moreover, another great advantage of these massage sessions is that they help women decrease leg or arm swelling that might affect their good state and to make them feel more relaxed. During pregnancy, you should avoid taking any medication and this is the reason why these massage sessions are perfect for you.

Myofascial release therapy

For those who are not accustomed to this term, myofascia is that tissue that connects all the parts of your body. It is that part found around the muscles and internal organs and that manages to hold all of the pieces in place. Whenever you suffer an injury or trauma to a specific area on your body, myofascia might also be affected, which can lead to less blood flow and hydration to that area. It is important to undergo some myofascial release sessions in order to give yourself a refresh after suffering an injury. The main benefits of this type of massage therapy is that it helps your blood flow increase and it also improves the muscular range of motion, which allows you to move more freely. Moreover, this technique is useful for reducing muscle soreness and helping them regain their normal length.

Deep tissue massage therapy

This type of massage therapy focuses on the deep layers of the muscle and fascia in your body and it uses finger pressure and some firm, but slow strokes. The main purpose of this technique is to treat various types of physical ailments. People who undergo some deep tissue massage sessions can definitely feel an improvement in their blood pressure, since this therapy helps them relieve tension and stress from specific areas on the body. Another benefit of this type of massage is that it reduces chronic pain, thus making deep tissue massage the perfect therapy for those who suffer from severe pain. If you attend these sessions for a longer period, you will be surprised to find that this type of massage helps the body break up and even erase scar tissue. It does this by improving lymphatic circulation, range of motion and flexibility in the specific area.

Overall, even though these types of massages seem quite the same, since they can be used for treating nearly the same thing, they are very different. Therapists use them for various situations, in accordance to the patient’s condition, desired result and so on. For this reason, it is recommended to talk to the therapist before you undergo any massage sessions and establish what type of therapy is best for you.