Are Microwave Ovens a Health Hazard?

Microwaves are high-frequency radio waves used in many industries such as TV broadcasting, telecommunications, radar areas and cooking appliances. The microwaves used in microwave ovens react to the water in the food, which immediately converts these waves into heat. This is how the food is being heated, defrosted or cooked inside the microwave ovens, a process that has been considered dangerous to the health for a long amount of time. The fact that we are talking about wave radiation has raised many questions regarding the safety of these appliances and many tests have been driven to verify whether or not the microwaves affect the health of users.

If the unit works properly, the microwaves are not harmful

Microwave ovens are designed to operate only when the door is closed so that the microwaves are contained inside the oven to prevent any radiation on the human body. There is a low risk of leakage through the glass door if you own a microwave that works properly and has not been modified in any way. You have to make sure that the door closes perfectly, the microwave oven is maintained in a good condition and that the door seals are clean and undamaged so that there will be no chance of microwaves leakage. The microwave oven will pose no risk to your health as long as it is kept in a proper condition and you have it fixed or replaced in case it is badly damaged. The microwave energy can be absorbed by the human body and it can produce heat in exposed tissues and organs with a poor blood supply, like the eyes. However, this only happens from excessive exposure to very high levels of microwaves, much higher than the ones used in microwave ovens. Therefore, you can be sure that there is no risk of burn and organ damage while using the microwave oven. Nevertheless, it is best to change your microwave oven when it gets old and it starts showing signs of old age. If you take a look at some microwave ovens on, you will see that there are a lot of affordable units to choose from. There is no point in holding on to an old microwave that could pose a health risks. Moreover, if you read some microwave oven reviews on the previously mentioned website, you will see that the most recent ovens come with a lot of interesting features that will make your life easier.

The food cooked in the microwave is safe to eat

When you cook food in the microwave, the water in the food reacts with the waves and expands the heat throughout the food. This way, you will be able to heat and cook food evenly with the help of microwaves, without reducing the nutritional value of the food. Also, you must realize that the food cooked in the microwave does not become radioactive due to the exposure to the waves.

Avoid plastic containers to make sure the microwave is safe

The containers you use in the microwave oven are also an important factor in properly using these appliances. The plastic containers must be avoided, as this material releases harmful toxins when it gets into contact with the waves, as well as aluminum and metallic containers that can create a spark. Instead, use glass and ceramic plates and bowls that do not react with the microwaves in any way.