Can Excessive Humidity Affect Your Health?

Condensation on windows or walls often denounce the presence of excessive humidity. An excessive amount of humidity can lead to health problems, that’s why it’s better to try to prevent them.
Therefore, we should pay attention to the humidity,quickly identify the cause and install mechanical systems to help maintain an ideal level of humidity.

Health risks

The relative air humidity largely defines our sense of comfort, the ideal percentage is between 45% and 60%. Excess moisture in the air is characterized by mold, mildew, condensation, cold sensation, etc.Excess humidity enhances the development of mold, which can cause allergic diseases and rheumatism. Dust allergies develop more easily in a wet environment.
Some common symptoms of living in a humid environment include skin irritation and respiratory infections. A moist environment favors the appearance of mites in our homes, and their presence may cause or aggravate allergic diseases.
The way our body senses the air temperature is closely related to the level of humidity. Because of the humidity level, our senses tend to estimate incorrectly the room temperature. We feel that is too hot or too cold than it really is.
The most common health risk is having wet lung symptoms. Symptoms include cough, dry throat and wheezing. If you have asthma you should be very careful. Damp and mold can trigger many asthma attacks and lead to respiratory infections.
Excess moisture can also lead to symptoms that we would associate with colds. These include a runny nose, swollen eyes, which can lead to infection, headache and general fatigue.


Many houses or offices need a dehumidifier in the basement or in another space where there is moisture. A dehumidifier takes moisture from the air and protects buildings, furniture and other spaces against odors resulting from excessive humidity in the air. Knowing how to purchase a dehumidifier for your home or office and what you should look for in a unit, is very important aspect. For that purpose, we recommend some research on the website.


In order to measure exactly the vapor from the air you need a hygrometer. The hygrometer is inexpensive and can be ordered online or bought from stores that supply products for building and planning the house and garden.
You can measure the relative humidity of a house with a mechanical or electronic hygrometer. To achieve a good result, the hygrometer should be placed in a living area or in a place where the humidity seems to be a problem.