Can Tap Water Contaminants Affect Your Health?

The quantity and quality of the water we consume leave a strong imprint on our bodies and our health is directly influenced. Tap water can be dangerous for our health if consumed for a long time. The purification methods used to clean tap water can do more harm than good.

Chlorine in water very dangerous for babies

Researchers have found that a large amount of chlorine in tap water can double the risk of serious heart and brain diseases during the development of the fetus. The study conducted on a group of 400,000 Thai children discovered that there is a higher risk for babies to be born with birth defects if the mother drank chlorinated water.
Jouni Jaakkola, of the University of Birmingham(the founder of this study) says that the survey results not only show that water containing chlorine can cause malformations but suggests that exposure to chlorinated products may be responsible for some defects.
Moreover, parasites and bacteria are found even in chlorinated tap water. They cause indigestion, kidney problems and infections.

Tap water can be dangerous for pregnant women

They risk of having a miscarriage due to the consumption of chlorinated water. This is the conclusion of the latest study of the American Foundation for the Study of Water. Studies have shown that mild exposure to these chemicals increase the risk of incomplete development of the fetus.
Dr. David A. Savitz at the University of North Carolina monitored 3,100 pregnant women who drank tap water from three sources distribution. Mothers exposed to chlorine had a 15.7% risk of miscarriage. However, Dr. David A. Savitz says that for women who are expecting a baby, tap water is harmless if consumed boiled and cooled down or when used for cooking.

Tap water contaminants affect the tyhroid

The thyroid, a butterfly-shaped gland located low in the anterolateral neck, which controls the metabolism.
Experts say that perchlorates exist in our body. Perchlorate is a product used in the manufacture of missiles and fuel, fireworks and airbags. This toxin can be found in tap water and in some foods. Scientists have found a widespread human exposure to perchlorate and a perchlorate connection in the thyroid hormone levels. According to a recent study, infants with high levels of thyroid-stimulating hormone may be affected by small amounts of perchlorate found in the tap water.

A safe solution: water filter

Water filters remove contaminants and bacteria found in regular tap water. Water filters produce safe drinking water. You will not have to worry about water quality because you have total control over it.
Moreover, using household water filters will help the environment. Drinking water from the water filter will reduce the amount of plastic bottles that end up polluting the environment and affecting water supplies. Using a water filtration system will also help you save money. That being said, it is safe to assume that a water filter is a good investment that will pay off in the future. If we have convinced you of the utility of such a product, visit the website in order to decide which type of filter would best serve your needs.