Choosing the Right Sex Addiction Treatment Program for You

It’s only as of relatively recently that the world has begun to accept and explore sex addiction as a genuine and increasingly relevant condition. Prior to this, it was cast off as something of a non-entity the likes of which was of no real threat or significance to the public in general. But while significant advances have been made for the benefit of those battling sex addiction, actually defining it as a condition remains extremely difficult.

Speak to any leading Harley street addiction counselling service and they’ll tell you the same – every case of sex addiction is fundamentally different. What some consider to be a life-affecting addiction to sex, others may consider to be a relatively modest sexual lifestyle in general. It all comes down to the individual in question and the way in which their habits and behaviours are affecting them personally.

Needless to say therefore, it is of critical importance to ensure that when the decision has been made to seek assistance, it is sought only from the most reputable, capable and professional service provider on the market. It’s important to remember that all sex addiction counsellors and treatment services are by no means of the same calibre – choosing at random is never recommended.

Making the right decision doesn’t necessarily have to be a difficult job – just be sure to bear in mind the following:

1 – Reputation and Status

First of all, it’s always a good idea to take a little time to research the status and reputation of any given service provider, before going any further. Which essentially means getting online and doing a little homework, in order to see what past and present clients have to say about them. Generally speaking, a quick web search will be all that’s needed to find out exactly what kind of reputation they have built up over the years. And of course, there’s nothing wrong with asking the service provider for this kind of verification directly, if you cannot find the information you need online.

2 – Treatment Method

Another important consideration is that of the way in which the treatment provider in question approaches the treatment process. The differences from one service provider to the next can be literally night and day. Whereas some focus on the physical and factual, others base their approaches more around faith and spirituality. Likewise, some take something of a hard-headed and aggressive approach to treatment, while others adopt a considerably more casual approach.  And then of course there is the small matter of whether or not you personally would like your treatment to include the use of medication. Make sure that the program is right for you, before signing up and getting started.

3 – Experience and Specialism

Contrary to popular belief, not every counselling service on the market has the same level of experience or the same areas of specialism. Quite to the contrary in fact, you will usually find that every counsellor you come across focuses on one, two or even a handful of specialist areas – certainly not every area across the board. Some spend their lives assisting clients with gambling addictions, some focus more on drug addictions and then there are those with plenty of experience in sex addiction. Given the fact that sex addiction is still considered comparatively rare and unexplored, it’s a good idea to select a service provider with plenty of relevant experience.

4 – Couples Therapy?

There may also be the option of going through the treatment program as a couple, should it be preferred. This all comes down to personal preference and will not necessarily have any specific impact on the effectiveness of the treatment provided. Nevertheless, if it is a problem that would be best addressed as a couple and mutual support may be beneficial, it is definitely worth considering couples counselling.

5 – Professionalism

Last but not least, there is simply no possibility whatsoever of fully benefiting from any treatment or counselling program if you do not have complete and total respect for and confidence in the service provider. Which is precisely why professionalism is something that must be taken into account from the word go – do you get the feeling you are looking at a professional organisation, or running the risk of amateur hour? You cannot realistically expect to be able to acknowledge, trust and heed all the advice you are provided with if you have any doubt whatsoever as to the calibre of the service provider. So even if it means being extremely critical and picky, this is one time in your life when you have total justification for scrutinising everything.