Dangers of Eyelash Extensions

Every woman wants to have long, thick and curved eyelashes and if God has not been very generous in the matter, they can call for the help of the eyelash extensions. This amazing beauty trick offers you incredible lashes thanks to extensions made of synthetic or natural hair that will beautify your eyes. However, the eyelash extensions also have their flaws and side effects which can be very unpleasant and can offer an opposite result. Given that many women decide to apply eyelash extensions for improving their aspect, they should be aware of the dangers of the extensions in order to prevent further complications. Read this eye-opening article to make sure you will make the right choice regarding the eyelash extensions.

Eye swelling

The main danger of the eyelash extension is the glue they are attached with, which in many cases contains formaldehyde and benzoic acid, two ingredients very harmful to the cornea. Once these ingredients get in contact with the eyes, they can cause eye swelling, irritations and even damage to the cornea. Besides, once the eyelashes grow out, the extensions will point towards the cornea, which can cause corneal abrasions and multiple infections. Many women who used eyelash extensions have suffered eye swelling, making them look like they have been stung by bees, which is a very unpleasant effect. When you decide to apply eyelash extensions, make sure you choose a hypoallergenic adhesive that is not harmful to your eyes.

Eyelash loss

Another risk of wearing eyelash extensions is that they can cause your natural lashes to fall off because of excessively applying glue onto your eyelids. Besides, when the extensions start to grow out, they tend to break your natural eyelashes, resulting in thin eyelashes that will force you to continue the extension cycle. To avoid temporary or permanent lash loss, make sure you apply your eyelash extensions in a special salon and respect the cosmetician’s instructions.

Dry eyes

The eyelashes represent a shield for the eye that protects them from dust and currents of air, but studies show that the longer the lashes, the more they drive the currents of air towards the eyes and expose them to dust and bacteria. Research has discovered that the optimal lash length that protects the eyes from getting dry is one-third the width of the eyes. This size creates a zone of still air around the eyes and keeps the eyes moist and clean, while long lashes created with lash extensions channel the air directly onto the eye, causing it to become dry and irritated.

What most women don’t realize is the fact that just because Mother Nature wasn’t generous enough with their lashes, that doesn’t mean that they must expose themselves to pointless risks. With a little patience, you can grow a gorgeous set of eyelashes. We are talking of course about using an eyelash growth serum. It will take a while to work, but it is a far safer alternative than eyelash extensions. Visit eyelashgrowthserum.reviews in order to discover more information on how these serums work and which are the best such products on the market.