Discover the causes and treatments of stretch marks


The majority of women experience stretch marks on certain areas of their body at some point and this causes not only inconvenience, but also negative feelings and sometimes even depression. The good news is that stretch marks usually fade over the years but not many women are willing to wait. Therefore, if prevention methods prove to be unsuccessful, you are forced to resort to different types of treatments that can reduce the presence of stretch marks on your body. From homemade treatments that include coconut oil, sugar and vitamin A to stretch mark creams and professional treatments, you have at your disposal various options depending on the budget and the severity of your problem.


Stretch marks can appear due to excessively stretched skin, which has various causes, from losing or gaining many pounds in a short period of time and pregnancy to puberty and weight lifting. The majority of people that go through these phases in their life are prone to notice stretch marks on their body at some point. As a teenager, you are probably scared to discover these visibly unpleasant scars on your body without knowing the reason but the positive aspect is that your health is not compromised while for a pregnant woman this result is expected during or after the pregnancy. Because stretch marks do not present alarming symptoms and are not painful, people usually notice the streaks of different colors on various areas on the body too late and desperately attempt to eliminate them and regain their confidence.

Natural treatments

In order to have realistic expectations, you should be aware that no solution can instantly make stretch marks disappear like magic. However, you can try different methods and treatments that have the purpose to minimize their severity and their unpleasant appearance. Homemade treatments are the first option because they require natural ingredients that every woman can easily find without spending too much money. Eating foods that contain vitamin A or simply taking it orally not only helps with the stretch marks, but also enhances your skin. Sugar is a cheap alternative for microdermabrasion and by mixing it with coconut oil or any other type of healthy oil, you can exfoliate the skin. Aloe Vera is also known for its healing properties and the fact that it can soften your skin is a bonus. Moreover, you can combine forces with Secret Saviours to benefit from the best creams and gels that will help you win the fight against stretch marks.

Professional treatments

If you have a serious case of stretch marks, then homemade treatments are not the best solution for you meaning that you probably need to contact a specialist who can provide you professional treatment with scientifically proven results. Microdermabrasion, laser therapy and needling are the most popular procedures that have solid effects on stretch marks. However, before resorting to such a treatment you must discuss with a doctor several aspects including your type of skin, the first time you noticed the stretch marks and the area in question, when the results will become visible and last but not least, the financial investment.