Disturbing Cases of Medical Negligence

Most often, doctors justify their errors by modest salaries, lack of equipment for investigations and poor work conditions.
In many medical institutions doctors save lives and miracles happen, given the lack of medical equipment and work conditions. But there are also some mistakes that can cost us our live. Here are 4 disturbing cases of medical negligence.

Heart surgery on the wrong patient

An old woman, name Ms. Morris was admitted to a hospital to have an angiography performed. Ms. Morris was transferred to a hospital room on a different floor as the original one. The next day she was taken to have an open heart procedure, even though she was supposed to be discharged the next morning. A doctor from another department told the other doctors that the woman laying on the operating table was in fact his patient. Even though the procedure was canceled, Mrs. Morris suffered some side effects, including an internal bleeding, infection, a significant increase in risk of heart attack and stroke.

Man dies from ingestion

A 36 year old man from Arizona had a traumatic brain injury. Doctors found this case to be helpless but with some support from his wife, the man started to talk again. While the man was at a living facility, his wife continued to care for him and on her days off, she brought him home. But one day, she received a call from the living facility that her husband was vomiting. Once they arrived home, the man died. The main cause of his death, as it was determined, was that a number of objects, such as ketchup packets, paper towels and plastic bags were found in his stomach. Therefore, a law suit was made and the jury returned an $11 million verdict against the facility.

Wrong leg amputated

In 1995, 52 year old Mr. King was transferred to the University Community Hospital in Tampa to have his leg amputated. While on the operating table, the doctors made a big mistake by amputating the wrong leg. The surgeons soon realized that they have amputating the wrong leg, but it was too late to cancel the procedure, and so they had to finish the amputation. Mr. King received $900.000 from the hospital and an additional $250.000 from the attending surgeon. Moreover, the surgeon was fined $10.000 and had his medical license revoked for 6 months.

Teenage girl dies from incompatible blood type

Seventeen year old, Jessica Santillan, originally form Mexic was seeking help for a severe heart condition. While in the USA, the doctors from University Medical Center, in Durham, North Carolina scheduled a heart and lung transplant for the teenage girl. Unfortunately, the surgeons didn’t manage to verify the compatibility of the donor’s blood type with the blood type of Jessica. Therefore, a second transplant had to be made. This resulted in more complications and Jessica was sent into a coma. Jessica Santillan died two weeks later due to brain damage and other factors.