Environmental Factors Which Affect Proper Physical Infant Development

Analyzing different aspects which can potentially affect an infant is an easy part. What the reader must grasp first is that every child has its own pace dealing with social and emotional development. Nonetheless, it is true that parents and the environment in which they live in plays a very important role.


For many years before psychologists really evaluated child behaviour properly, we were unaware that the area in which the infants develop has a serious negative impact on them. There are three key areas from where an infant can get affected and these are:

Physical surroundings
  • This basically means the type of access the child has to things such as houses, open space, educational facilities and school. Poverty also plays a major role here. By giving the child opportunities to allow them to grow into a stable adult, parents must provide them with proper educational facilities from a young age.
  • The sense of belonging brings a positive effect on an infant’s development. A study which was done in Australia has outlined that the more a child feels included, the better the percentage of them displaying a positive behaviour in society and between piers. What it basically means is that in order for a child to develop properly, they must have the feeling that they belong somewhere.
  • This is the interaction children have with other members of society and their parents. The better they know how to communicate with others, the more well behaved they will be. It is known that an infant learns by mimicking those around them so it’s important that what they see is pro-social behaviours.

What we are trying to suggest is that in order for a child to grow into a responsible adult, they must be surrounded by positive things. By providing them with high-quality education from a young age, access to open spaces where they have the opportunity to develop their minds properly and behaviour will contribute positively to their development. Now let’s take into deeper consideration some other factors.


This is a serious problem among people all over the world. You would think that a child born in America or countries with strong economies will not have such problems. It’s an outdated thought. The statistics show that around 30% of children between the ages of 1-16 year old have nutritional anaemia. Of course, the statistic is much higher in developing countries with it being around 70%.

The studies around this case have highlighted that the children which are missing out on a balanced diet have problems concentrating, they perform worse in tests triggering their intelligence and lower grades compared to the children who eat better. Nonetheless, it does not mean that positive development will happen just by eating fruits and salads, a very important factor is Iron. Without an intake of sufficient iron, the infant’s cognitive and motor development will be put at risk. Here are the things which you can do to provide a balanced diet:

  • Let them taste different fruits and vegetables
  • Follow the 5-a day fruits and vegetable rule
  • Do not feed your infant junk food
  • Teach them the importance of a balanced diet


An overcrowded environment means that an infant cannot be able to develop to their best ability. A busy home does not necessarily mean that it’s a good thing because less attention will be paid to the baby. As you may be aware, there are two different types of people, introverts and extrovert. If your child is naturally an introvert, in a crowded place they may retreat more into themselves and distract themselves from those around them. By doing this, it will lead to them not getting attached to things and people dear to them. As well as, if you allow them to attend a class with too many people, it means that less attention will be paid to them and they will not be provided with the help they may need.

In addition to this, it’s not good for their health. If they have asthma or suffer from allergies, being in a room full of people and things, can contribute negatively and make symptoms worse. Of course, we understand that parents always want what’s the best for their child and sometimes they simply cannot afford a bigger house or private education. Nonetheless, there is one thing which they can do. By purchasing an air purifier you will provide a safer environment for your baby. An air purifier removes toxins from the air and it transforms it into clean air. Here are some other tips to reduce overcrowding:

  • Provide a space just for them
  • Come up with a daily routine
  • Provide the infant with a clean and safe environment
  • Monitor their progress and actions around people


The way parents behave around an infant plays a very important role. This is because, as we have already highlighted, infants mimic. They will copy everything an adult does or says because this is how they begin to learn. Nonetheless, there are some other factors which will contribute negatively to a baby. For example, smoking and drinking during pregnancy have very serious effects on the mother and the baby. An infant can develop Foetal Alcohol Syndrom which can form cardiovascular issues and craniofacial defects. Here are some things which a parent can do to provide better parenting:

  • Provide a stimulating learning environment
  • Do not smoke or drink in front of the baby
  • Teach them the importance of a healthy lifestyle
  • Communicate with them as much as possible


The environmental factors can seriously affect an infant development either positively or negatively. It all depends on what the adults provide for them. We understand that poverty is not something easy to deal with or come out of, so we have come up with solutions which will not cost you anything.