Facts on calcium supplements and dairy products


A lot of misinforming is surrounding the topic of calcium and dairy products. Not always we can rely on the things found in different sources. Moreover, pharmaceutical companies tend to misinform as well, because of their interests. Nevertheless, it is important to find some relevant pieces of information on certain products, like AlgaeCal. The dosage, side effects and ways of administration must be all included. Additionally, many tend to rely on their diet when it comes to supplements like calcium. However, human bodies cannot assimilate them in an efficient manner. Although important for our nutrition, we cannot rely on dairy products to get the necessary amount of calcium this way. However, below are some facts you need to know about calcium supplements and dairy products.

1. Vegetables contain more calcium than milk does

Although many claim that an important resource of calcium is found in cow’s milk and derivate products, it is not true. Kale, for example has higher level of calcium than milk does. Moreover, it is easier to be absorbed by the human body. Calcium that comes from kale has an absorption rate of about 40 %, while the calcium you get from milk is absorbed at a rate of approximately 30%.

2. Only by taking supplements, you can achieve the right balance

Yes, fruits, vegetables and dairy products are essential for a healthy lifestyle. However, do not rely on them for achieving the proper levels of calcium your body needs. Oftentimes, a large quantity from the calcium we get through our diets is lost, because of the low levels of absorption. When you take calcium supplements, you make sure they will get into your system, and from there, to your bones and teeth.

3. Natural calcium supplements are better than chemically synthetized ones

Generally, chemicals are damaging you entire body, regardless of their purpose. To make sure you benefit from the good effects calcium has on your body without exposing yourself to toxic agents make sure you go for the natural alternatives available on the market. Do your homework well before choosing a range. Many are made from calcareous algae and those seem to work best.

We provided for you three aspects you should have in mind when it comes to calcium supplements. An important piece of our general health, they are mandatory to be taken periodically. Do your homework and always choose the best alternative available out there!