Far vs Near Infrared Saunas – Which is better for your Health

Infrared saunas have proven health benefits and this is no surprise but did you know that there are actually two branches of the infrared sauna industry? These two branches are not at all similar and each of them acts in a different kind of way. We’re talking about far and near infrared saunas. In this article, we will talk about some of the health benefits that each of them has in store for you and which one is more capable of improving your overall health and wellbeing.

Near infrared sauna can help target specific skin areas

The main difference between near and far infrared saunas is the fact that the near sauna has a stronger light intensity. What this means is the fact that the energy is directed onto a specific area of the skin and it can thus penetrate the tissue much faster. With far infrared heaters the light is spread on a large portion of the skin.

The cells are protected against harmful toxins

Near infrared saunas also score great results in this area. There have been several lab studies who have shown that the cells that have been under near infrared light are more protected against toxins while the far infrared heat offers no protection against these harmful toxic chemicals. So, if you want to stay healthy and keep toxins away, opt for a near infrared sauna.

Near infrared saunas can relieve pain caused by several factors

One of the main advantages of owning a near infrared sauna is the fact that it can act as an anti-inflammatory pain relief. The near infrared light that is generated during a sauna sessions can even reduce long standing pain. Far infrared saunas are not capable of reducing pain.

Keeping away from high-levels of EMF

In case you don’t know what EMF means, you should know that it refers to the Electro-Magnetic Field, a physical field which is produced by electrically charged objects. If it’s in high levels it can cause some harmful health affects. In order to protect your health, you need to avoid spending too much time near electric saunas that have a reading of more than 2 miligauss. The good news is that near infrared saunas have a small reading of 1 miligauss. Besides, when using the sauna you are 2-3 ft away from the light so the EMF reading is close to zero.

Improving blood circulation

If you are looking for an infrared sauna that comes with good detoxifying properties, you should know that both near and far infrared saunas are capable of increasing blood flow and regeneration of the blood but the main difference between the far and near infrared saunas is that the far infrared sauna provides less heat and light so the blood flow is increased in a more gently manner.