Five Reasons to Consider a Mini-Detox

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be close to needing rehab for alcoholics to be able to benefit enormously from cutting down a little. Quite to the contrary in fact, as research suggests that the vast majority of adults in the United Kingdom who don’t consider themselves to be drinkers actually drink vastly more than official recommended guidelines. In most instances, such individuals do not necessarily have any kind of alcohol dependency or addiction. They may not even consider themselves to be heavy drinkers. But at the same time, any alcohol consumed over and above recommended guidelines has the potential to be harmful.

Every now and again, it can be beneficial to take a step back from the way you live your life and make one or two proactive changes. Even if these changes are only temporary, they can still make a real difference. In the case of alcohol, making a positive difference doesn’t necessarily mean immediately quitting and never drinking again. Instead, there’s always the option of a temporary mini-detox, which is something millions of adults across the country could benefit from. Just a small, temporary period of abstinence from alcohol can bring along the kinds of advantages that make it entirely worth considering.

Here are five reasons why it is definitely worth considering a mini-detox, if it is something you haven’t done for a while:

1 – You’ll Save Money

First of all, cutting alcohol out of your life entirely (albeit for a limited period) will show you just how much you are spending on the stuff on a regular basis.  Even if it doesn’t seem like you’re spending a lot, you will no doubt be surprised how quickly it all adds up. Not only this, but when you consider the fact that every penny you are spending on alcohol is money invested in poor health, it simply makes sense to allocate it to something else. So if there is something you have had your eye on or something you’ve often thought of saving up for, why not cut alcohol out for just a limited period of time and see how much money you save?

2 – You’ll Discover a New World

Another reason to consider a temporary detox is the way in which you may just discover an entirely new world. Contrary to popular belief, it is entirely possible to have all the fun in the world without having to bring alcohol into the equation. You’ll find life in general so much more interesting and realise that there are so many more opportunities before you when you are sober. And even if you don’t, all you need to do is keep reminding yourself that what you are doing is temporary only, which will make it much easier to get through your detox period.

3 – You’ll Feel Great

Perhaps the single biggest advantage of all of going about a temporary detox is the way in which you will feel absolutely fantastic. Suffice to say, life without hangovers can be extremely pleasant.

4 – Your Habits Will Change

Another reason to consider a temporary detox is the way in which when you do return to drinking alcohol, you probably won’t have nearly as much as you used to. For one thing, your tolerance levels may have changed during the abstinence period, which in turn means you will not need to or want to drink as much. Not only this, but you may find that you enjoyed abstaining from alcohol so much that it becomes something you choose to do on a more regular basis. Either way, chances are your perspectives and habits will be changed significantly following your detox period.

5 – You’ll Benefit in a Big Way

Last but not least, when looking at things from a purely medical perspective, a temporary period of abstinence really can make a significant difference. Even if you are not a particularly heavy drinker, alcohol is still doing you no good whatsoever, every time you drink it. Which in turn means that if you stop drinking it for a set period of time, you give your body plenty of opportunity to rid itself of all manner of toxins. Of course, all of this hard work will be undone if you immediately return to heavy drinking, but as mentioned in the point above, there’s a good chance this simply will not happen.