Frequently asked questions about male rhinoplasty

Contrary to what most people believe, rhinoplasty is not only for women, but for men too. In the last years, the number of men who underwent rhinoplasty surgery has significantly increased, compared to a few decades ago for instance. More and more men have become curious about this procedure, so in case you are one of them and want to undergo this surgery, you should do some research online and find the best medical clinic that provides high quality services and starting with websites such as might be a good idea. Below are the most frequently asked questions regarding male rhinoplasty.

Am I suitable for such a procedure?

This is the first question that pops up in men’s head the moment they hear about this type of medical surgery – whether they are ideal candidates for it or not. This procedure addresses especially to those men who have suffered traumatic incidents and need their broken nose straightened. However, men who care for their aspect and want to look better can opt for rhinoplasty surgery too. This procedure helps men reshape their undesirable features of their noses.

What type of male rhinoplasty is right for me?

It is important to know that there are three main techniques that men can choose from and those are rhinoplasty, rhinotip correction and septorhinoplasty. The patient should speak with the doctor prior the procedure and establish which one is recommended for the patient. For instance, in case you do not like the way your nose looks like, you should opt for rhinoplasty, because this one simply reshapes your nose. In case of breathing troubles because of your nose, a combination of septorhinoplasty and rhinoplasty might be necessary. Rhinotip correction involves reshaping the way the tip of your nose looks like, focusing especially on the underlying cartilage.

What I should do before and after the surgery?

Doctors that work at Centre for Surgery recommend their patients to quit smoking a few weeks prior to the procedure in order to obtain the best results. This way, bleeding during the surgery is prevented and the healing process takes less time. After the surgery, you should expect some swelling during the first few days. In case you feel some discomfort around your nose, you can take some pain pills to ease it. You should not worry about bruising either, because this will fade away after some time. After only one week, you can feel comfortable enough to go out with your friends. However, you should not perform any strenuous activities for at least three weeks after the surgery.

Can I opt for male rhinoplasty if I have breathing problems?

The answer to this question is yes. As it was previously mentioned, men who suffer from breathing problems can resort to rhinoplasty surgery to correct those problems and reshape their nose. This will help them improve their breathing and have a better look of their nose.

Overall, these are only some frequently asked questions men have the moment they want to undergo rhinoplasty surgery. It is important to be well informed regarding this procedure before the surgery, so men should make sure they do some thorough research online.