Going to the beauty salon – health considerations

Going to a beauty salon is not all about feeling pampered and beautiful. To make sure you get the best treatment, you should also talk to a salon representative and ask if they respect health and safety regulations. A manicure, pedicure or facial may seem simple and harmless, but if salon procedures are not performed correctly, you are putting your health at risk. If you are thinking about going to a new establishment, choose a reputable one such as Eden Beauty Leeds, where clients’ health and safety is given the utmost consideration. Before your first appointment, ask a manager about the following.

The team should include a dermatologist


Just because you are going to a beauty salon does not mean the staff should lack medical personnel. Salons may not be hospitals, but the presence of a dermatologist denotes professionalism, expertise and reliability. Besides, some procedures are best done by a doctor, either because they involve specialised equipment (such as eye treatments and laser hair removal) or because the client suffers from a condition that makes the procedure more complicated. For example, if you have dermatitis, allergies or scarring, you will need to consult with a dermatologist to find out which treatments and procedures are safe for you.


The salon should respect health and safety regulations


No salon should be allowed to exist without a health and safety license. Once obtained, this is usually displayed on a wall, so that clients can see it. If you can’t, then ask a staff member to show it to you. If they refuse, then this might be a sign that the salon is not licenced and you should stop going there. You risk contamination from unsterilized beauty instruments such as scissors, toxic products and even serious injuries if their equipment is low quality.


Make sure they use quality products and cosmetic procedures


Just because a salon has a license doesn’t mean that they are the very best in the field or that they are the best for you. Thousands of people experience health problems because the beauty products that were used on them did not contain healthy ingredients or were not chosen based on their personal requirements. For example, people with sensitive skin are more prone to irritations and side effects, so the beautician should know how to adjust treatments based on the client’s preferences. Avoid salons that cut costs by using average products, because they can take a toll on your health.