Health Threats at Home

It may seem impossible for you to realize that the home you live in hides dangerous enemies that pose a threat to your health. Thankfully, there are ways to limit the harmful effects of these health threats so that you will continue to live in a comfortable, safe and clean home that will protect your health.

The air conditioning system

The air conditioner can be a real germ bomb due to all the mites that gather inside its filter and can be blown into the room while the device is on, so make sure you regularly clean and replace the inside components. Also, try to limit the time you spend in a room with the air conditioner on and never sit directly in the air current, as you might get terrible head or neck aches.

The indoor air

Although it may sound unbelievable, the indoor air is one of the biggest health threats at home because it contains the most pollutants that endanger your health. From the common dust mites that exist everywhere, to bigger allergens that can trigger asthma, to germs, pet dander and mold spores that are extremely harmful, the air at home can be the main disease reason. Therefore, an air purifier is an item you must have at home if you want to protect your health. This device attracts the impurities in the air and retains them inside, releasing clean and healthy air back into the room.

Carbon monoxide in gas heaters

Also known as the silent killer, carbon monoxide exists in homes with gas heating systems that burn gas and emit carbon monoxide, a flavorless and odorless gas that damages your health without further notice. Large amounts of carbon monoxide can even be deadly especially if you use to sleep in rooms heated with gas heaters, so you should consider replacing this heating system with a safer and more comfortable one based on infrared light. The infrared heaters release no gas emissions and they are completely safe because they emit infrared light that is similar to the sunlight to make your body feel warm. We encourage you to visit the website in order to see just how efficient the infrared heaters are.

Chemicals and irritants in household products

The household cleaning products, the air fresheners and the pest controllers you use at home influence the levels of volatile organic compounds in the air and can have serious repercussions on your health. Although these products seem harmless, they affect the respiratory system and your skin, causing allergies, rashes, irritations and breathing problems. Therefore, limit the use of chemicals and cleaning products at home if you want to breathe a clean air.

Lead in paint and water

Lead is a top pollutant that exists in the paint used in decorating, in the household dust and in the drinking water if your house contains lead pipes. Once this metal is is inhaled, you will start experiencing mental disorders, nervousness, irritability and other behavior changes. To avoid lead contamination, use water-based paint when you decorate and replace the old water pipes or use a water filter that will remove not only the lead, but other contaminants from your drinking water.