Healthy Every Day Habits: Benefits of Wearing Weighted Clothing during Regular Activities

Lately, all things seem to happen very fast and this can stress us out. You go every day at your job and you must hurry up finishing all your daily tasks, you have to pick up your kid or maybe run from one side of the town to another. Everything must be done fast and perfect.
Nowadays, healthiness might seem a luxury that few people can afford. Because there are plenty of elements that give us headaches and make us feel uncomfortable, we should try improving our lifestyle. Lately, everybody talks about wearing weighted clothes while exercising. But have you ever consider wearing them during other daily activities? It is a great way to improve your resistance and physical condition.

The actual benefits of wearing weighted clothes

In the last few years, weighted vests have evolved a lot in order to make people wearing them to feel comfortable. The idea of “Hulk” looking is wrong, because latest models don’t make you feel and move with difficulty. Wearing a weighted vest means adding some extra weight to your body and train more your muscles. No matter if you walk or stand up or in front of the desk, weighted clothes improve your posture and strengthen your muscles.
Well, if weighted clothes are beneficial while exercising, they are beneficial during any other regular activity if they are constantly worn.

  • boost fat burning;
  • increase muscle and bone strength;
  • improve cardiovascular functions;
  • provide core strengthening;
  • improve back posture;
  • help keeping a straight spine

Daily exercise routine

Start easy

You might have heard many times people saying that they have a horrible day because they experienced few unwanted things in the morning. You can easily drink your coffee in a quiet atmosphere and reflect on your whole program. In addition, you can try few physical exercises to be more flexible and to relax your muscles. Even better, you could use some weighted clothing while exercising.

Wearing weighted clothing at work

Have you ever considered this idea? It is actually beneficial if your job, for example, implies every day standing in front of the desk. After a short period, you might not sense the damages that such a position can bring to your back, neck, and spine. But as time passes by, you will experience a lot of pain and aches that can bring you a lot of trouble.
By wearing weighted clothes in the long term, you can grow your body’s endurance up to 10% every week. Wearing weighted vests and pants during short exercises can also be effective in easily getting used to it. Considering the fact that you are preparing to wear it all day long, you need to choose a proper outfit. All your body’s weight will be supported by your feet, make sure you choose comfortable shoes.

Types of activities you can do while wearing weighted clothes

Considering that these clothes are quite comfortable they can be worn at any age. They are adjustable and can be used even for longer periods of time when needed. For example, you can wear weighted ankles and vest while walking, running, shopping, swimming, and even bike riding. The best part is that no matter where you go or what you are doing, the purpose of weighted clothing is to make any of your usual activities a little bit more difficult, leading to a higher endurance.

If you are at home and you are doing the laundry, gardening or cleaning the house, walking up and down the stairs, you can burn a lot of calories with minimum physical effort while using some wrist weights.
Wearing weighted clothes can be beneficial especially for those sedentary people, because not only that it will increase the difficulty of their movement, but it will keep them more focus and aware of their bodies. Weighted clothes can be an easy way to burn extra calories with a reduced physical effort by doing your regular daily activities.

Be cautious while wearing weighted clothes

You have to be careful with the weight of the clothes you choose to wear, it is important to wear lighter ones if you are experiencing the situation for the first time. Avoid choosing heavy ankle or wrist weights if your body weight can’t support a lot of pressure. If you are not paying attention to these things, you might end up injuring your back and joints. In case of very intense workout, you can risk breathing issues and overheating sensation. It is important to properly hydrate and take often breaks.