How to Get Rid of Skin Tags

Skin tags or scientifically called acrochordons are soft, noncancerous skin growths that appear on various parts of the body as a result of skin rubbing on skin. These unaesthetic skin growths usually appear on eyelids, armpits, neck and arms and although they are not dangerous to the health, they are very unpleasant and uncomfortable. To get rid of the skin tags, you don;t necessarily have to go to the doctor, instead you can resort to some home remedies that help you safely remove the skin tags.

Causes of skin tags

Skin tags are caused by the accumulation of collagen and blood vessels on the thick parts of the skin, usually in skin folds and creases and are very common in people who suffer from diabetes, human Papilloma virus or obesity, in pregnant women, can appear due to hormonal changes or excessive use of steroids, when you are wearing jewelry or because of hereditary causes. You can easily discover a skin tag if you spot pink or brownish skin outgrowths that have an irregular shape and are not painful.

Remedies for skin tags

Tea tree oil

Rubbing the skin tag with tea tree oil is one of the most efficient ways to get rid of skin tags. Soak o cotton ball in water, put a few drops of tea tree oil on it, then lightly rub the cotton over the skin tag in circular motions. Repeat the process twice a day for at least a week until the skin tag will completely disappear.

Castor Oil and Baking Soda

Form a thick paste using castor oil and baking soda and apply it to the skin tag to cover it, leave on for a night then wash out with warm water. Repeat this for about ten days and the skin tag will be gone.

Aloe Vera

This miraculous plant is also effective against skin tags and it will show results in only a few days if you apply Aloe Vera leaves on the skin tag.


Garlic is another great and simple way to get rid of the nasty skin tags. Just apply garlic juice on the skin tag twice a day and the results will shortly come. Onion is as effective as the garlic if you leave it overnight in a bowl with salt and squeeze the juice in the morning and apply it to the skin tag.

Skin tag removal cream

Home remedies are cheap and easy to apply, but they can take a very long time to show results. However, if you go to any pharmacy or you do a quick search online, you will see that there are also some commercial products that you can try. A good