How to hire the right CRO for your clinical project

If you are looking for help with your clinical project, then you might need to sign a strategic partnership with one of the clinical research organisations from your area, because they have experience in this domain and they could offer you great support. You should follow the example of pharmaceutical companies that do this in order to strengthen their drug pipelines. If you would develop a partnership with an UK CRO, no matter if, you represent a small or large company, you would be able to capitalise your financial resources. However, the selection process might seem overwhelming, because in this case you have to be sure that you sign a partnership with a successful CRO. The challenge for you would be to find a qualified clinical research organisation, and for doing this you have to be selective and find a partner that matches your expectations. This article would come as a help in understanding better the CRO selection process.

Cost might play an essential role in the selection process

In the majority of cases, when hiring a company to help you achieving your goals, you would consider the cost, but in this particular situation, this is not the best criterion, you should have in view. You should better focus on the evaluation of service expertise and quality, because you have to be sure that the CRO you are hiring is fit for the purpose. According to the project you want to support you would have in view the cost of hiring this type of organisation, because if you are looking for a partner for a single study, then the cost would have a greater influence. In case you represent a small company, then the cost would be a major consideration.

Quality metrics you should utilise when collaborating with a CRO

You have to be sure that the CRO management team is engaged in the progress of the study, so it is advisable to develop an escalation/resolution plan. You should review the reports on the way issues are resolved, especially in the first steps of the trial, because then the curve is the steepest. Also, you should establish a dashboard with the clinical research organisation because you have to have detailed the leading indicators of the trial weekly. In this way, you would be able to identify potential bottlenecks and ensure that the trial is on progress. It is essential for both the CRO and sponsor to create a plan that includes the needs of both organisations.

Check the reliability of the CRO

This partnership should be treated as any other business relationship, where trusts and reliability are dependent. One approach to establish a trust-based partnership is to establish mutual collaboration by agreeing on the trial plans. It is recommended for you to ask for transparency in the planning process. It is essential to assess the prior experience, reputation and track record of the organisation you want to hire, and see how it is evaluated by former partners. You would have a useful insight of the organisation if you are analysing the organisational structure, competence of key study personnel and ability to complete the trial on budget and schedule.