How to Prevent Glaucoma Naturally

The vision is one of the most important assets of a person and it should be carefully protected because once it starts to get weak, it is hard for a person to fend for themselves. With age, this skill begins to deteriorate, so you have to take all the necessary measures to protect your eyes and you can do it with the help of some natural ingredients and tips. Here is how you can naturally prevent a severe eye condition called glaucoma.

Glaucoma causes and symptoms

Glaucoma is an eye disease that is characterized by increased intraocular pressure, the degradation of the retinal nerve fiber and the alteration of the optic nerve, all these causes progressively leading to irreversible disruption of the vision and even vision loss. The causes that lead to the onset of this condition can be multiple from the congenital factor, to intraocular tumors, anterior uveitis or the inflammation of the iris’ pigment layer, which gives the eye color, diabetic retinopathy which is a complication that occurs in patients with diabetes, central retinal vein thrombosis, eye trauma or ocular degenerative processes that comes with age. Although the main glaucoma treatment implies medication, you can also resort to natural treatments that can help you ease the symptoms and even prevent the disease to onset.

Rutin treatment for glaucoma

One of the best natural treatments that are recommended for patients with glaucoma is the rutin, an extract from the Sophora Japonica plant and buckwheat. The properties of rutin in the treatment of glaucoma is due to its similarities with vitamin P that increases the capillary resistance, reduces their permeability, nourishes the blood vessels and prevents blood clots. Thus, rutin prevents retinal hemorrhages and improves blood circulation in the eye so that accumulated debris can be removed properly, thus preventing increased intraocular pressure. By strengthening the capillaries, rutin can even prevent stroke and, moreover, is useful in diabetic retinopathy.

Natural supplements

Omega 3 capsules for 2-3 months continuously help reduce the inflammation, improve the vision, support the health and the well function of the retinal innervation, clean the blood vessels and prevent blood pressure. Garlic Caps normalize the blood and intraocular pressure, preventing spurts that trigger an acute glaucoma attack. Ocean 21 capsules are a great food for the optical nerve, dilate the blood vessels and act on the intake of vitamin B, chlorophyll, beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, minerals and amino acids.