How to Sanitize a Home for a Chemo Patient

Patients who go through chemo have a weak immune system that has been affected by the procedures in such way that their bodies sometimes find it impossible to fight even the smallest bacteria. Therefore, the living environment of a person who goes through chemotherapy must be clean and sanitized, with no traces of bacteria and impurities that could endanger their health and their healing process. In the following lines, you will discover how to properly clean and sanitize a home of a chemo patient to support them during the treatment.

Remove the air contaminants with an air purifier

The breathing air is the first that gets into contact with the sick patient, so this must be perfectly fresh and clean from any bacteria, germ or fungus that could travel through the air. An air purifier is a must-have in a chemo patient’s home because this device can remove up to 99% of the bacteria, mites, fungus and germs existing in the breathing air.

Disinfect the bathroom before and after each use

In the bathroom, there is a wide range of contaminants that can pose a risk to the health of the chemo patient and this area should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. The patient must use the bath tub only after it has been scrubbed with a disinfectant and so should be the toilet, the faucet, and the sink. The towel must only be used by the patient in cause, thus limiting the ways of contracting a foreign germ. The toothbrush is another item that could spread bacteria and it should be kept in a holder that does not expose it to the air.

Use a dishwasher and a dehumidifier to kill germs

The kitchen is another area that is prone to germ development due to the moist air and the food that is processed here. A dehumidifier can take care of the humidity level and the mold spores that are formed in rooms with steam, condense and excessive moisture, and you can use this device in any other room of the house where the humidity level is high. Washing the dishes by hand is a way of spreading the germs so avoid doing so. Instead, use a dishwasher that uses hot water on the dishes and even has a sanitizing feature that can kill resistant bacteria. If you don’t know which dishwashers have an NSF certified sanitizing feature, read some dishwasher reviews on

Thoroughly clean the bedroom

A chemo patient’s bedroom must also be cleaned and sanitized to prevent any contamination. The linens must be washed at high temperatures that will kill mites, fungus, and allergens, the curtains and the rugs must be cleaned of dust so that the respiratory system will not be affected and the patient should wear slippers in the house to stay away from germs on the floors.