Indoor air quality testing – Is it truly relevant for your health?

All homes need periodic tests for ensuring proper air quality. Unfortunately, air is not something you are fully aware of and its quality is oftentimes not taken into account when it comes to serious health issues. For making sure all your family is not exposed to dangerous factors such as mould and a variety of polluting elements, it is mandatory to regularly have an indoor air quality testing team by and verify the air quality. Below are some ways air-testing services will ensure you have a healthy indoor environment.

1. Indoor air might be more polluted than outdoor air

Recent statistics have shown that a great part of our homes “benefit” for higher levels of pollution than the outside air. Given the fact that the outdoor air quality is highly influenced by carbon dioxide emissions caused by vehicles, factories and other elements, this is worrying news. How can that be possible? The answer lies in the face that out indoor air is influenced by chemicals used in cleaning processes and found in all cleaning products we all have in our homes. Indoor air testing services might help homeowners identify polluting elements inside their homes as well as solutions for improving the situation.

2. Mould inspections must also be periodically performed

Higher rates of individuals suffering from respiratory problems such as asthma have been lately registered. The main cause this happens is, of course, the indoor air quality, which is usually poor. The big problem with mould is that its spores are invisible for human eyes; however, our bodies are highly affected by their presence. Responsible for great damage for individuals of all ages, it is responsible for asthma, severe allergies, many of them untreatable and expensive to maintain under control. With more than 300,000 species of fungi registered, mould exposure might take dangerous forms, especially for small children, whose lungs are still not fully developed. If exposed to such element, the probability of developing chronic asthma increases by more than 50%. The bad news is mould is mostly present in humid, warm places, oftentimes inaccessible for humans, like ventilating systems. This not only makes it hard to detect, but also it makes it easier to spread in the entire house. This is the main reason why air-testing services are not only good, but also highly recommendable. A professional team has no issues in detecting and proposing effective solutions for getting rid of this invisible enemy.

As you can see, mould and pollution induced affections are surely concerning, especially for families with small children or elders. With sensitive respiratory systems, they are all prone to developing a series of affections, from allergies to asthma, and pulmonary haemorrhage, on the grimmer side of the spectrum. Make sure you prevent those with periodic air testing services, because these affections are not something you want to miss from sight. Try performing those twice a year and always follow the recommendations provided by professionals.