Is it Safe to Go to the Spa While Pregnant?

Pregnant women feel a lot of pressure on themselves, pressure that is accumulated because they have to take extra care of themselves, and they have to avoid doing many things that they used to do to protect the life that is growing inside of them.
If you are pregnant and you want to pamper yourself by going to the spa, but you aren’t sure if it’s safe for you to do this, read the following lines to find out if you can.

When can you go to the spa while being pregnant?

Usually, the best time to pamper yourself in the spa is during the second trimester, many spas not allowing women who are in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy or who have over 32 weeks of pregnancy to participate in any spa related activities. If you search for a spa that has professionals who are experienced in caring for pregnant women, you can tell them in what week of pregnancy you are, and enjoy the sessions that they set up for you depending on your particular needs. In order to see which spas are capable of handling the needs of pregnant women, you should do some research on the Revitalit website. There, you will find a lot of information on different spas, and you will also be able to find some very reasonable spa deals.

Are massages safe?

Thankfully, there are spas out there that have professionals to tend to future moms, spas that can provide you with the massages that you need without putting you or the baby in any danger.
While being pregnant, beside the classic morning sickness, your body is going through a lot of processes, most of them putting pressure on your back, your shoulders, and your hips. Therefore, professional massages to these areas are actually needed.
The masseuse will help you get into the appropriate position, such as lying on your back, sitting, or semi-reclining, and you will be able to enjoy the much needed pain-relieving massage. Also, it’s a great idea to have your partner come with you when you are receiving the massage for your back pain, hip pain, or shoulder pain, for the professional masseuse to teach him some safe techniques that he could apply on you at home to help you throughout this hard period.

What to avoid

If you go to the spa while being pregnant, no matter the month that you are in, you should avoid heat treatments like saunas, tanning beds, whirlpools, steam rooms, hot springs, spa baths, and hot tubs.
The only way in which you can dip your body into hot water is if you talk to the staff at the spa to set the temperature in the hydrotherapy pool between 32-35 degrees Celsius to make sure that you can enjoy some relaxing exercises in it without causing the baby or yourself any harm.