Learning about the benefits of acupuncture

Although the health benefits of acupuncture are recognized worldwide, the Chinese have been using this healing technique for thousands of years. However, many people are still reluctant when it comes to going to the doctor’s and having needles placed in their skin. Anyone who is interested in living a pain-free life can go to the nearest clinic and get treatment. If you too are searching for a reliable clinic, then you should click here. Acupuncture is mostly efficient for helping people relieve pain, but this is not its only application.

The definition of acupuncture

Acupuncture did not only originate in China, but it is an old component of their health care system. The practice of acupuncture is based on the belief that there are several energy patterns of energy flow that run through the body. Diseases only appear when the flow of energy is interrupted. The role of acupuncture is to correct these imbalances by penetrating certain points of the skin. By inserting needles into the skin or by applying heat and electrical stimulation, the regenerative capacity is stimulated and the functioning of the body is improved. Needles are specifically inserted into areas which are considered to be channels of energy or meridians.

How does it work, exactly?

Basically acupuncture stimulates certain areas located on the surface of the skin that have the capacity to alter biochemical and physiological conditions. The areas targeted by acupuncture are actually areas that have electrical sensitivity. The stimulation of these points affect the nerves that transmit electrical impulses to the area of the brain that controls the release of pain-killing hormones, known as endorphins. Researchers have estimated that endorphins are 200 times stronger than morphine, which explains why the technique is so efficient. Endorphins are also effective for improving the function of the hormonal system.

During the treatment

No acupuncturist will agree to treat you unless you provide him with a detailed health history. Next, acupuncturists verify details such as tongue shape, color, pulse, but not only, other physical examinations are performed to ensure that the treatment is suitable for the particular health needs of the patient. The treatment itself requires lying on a table while the acupuncturist inserts needles to various areas of the body. The discomfort that patients typically feel is minimal.

Modern acupuncture

Acupuncture has been combined with Western medicine for improved results. At present, acupuncture is mostly used to help control pain after surgery or to relieve symptoms of nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy. Medical acupuncture is performed exclusively by a licensed physician that has undergone formal training in acupuncture. These doctors do not tend to rely only on traditional medicine and sometimes they resort to combining the two to promote health and wellbeing. Among the many disorders that acupuncture treats, mention can be made of digestive disorders, respiratory disorders and even neurological disorders.

To conclude, acupuncture is a traditional technique for relieving pain that still works the present moment. It is useful for treating many disorders, but most importantly it is efficient for relieving pain. Even modern medicine takes advantage of the health benefits offered by acupuncture.