Love golfing? Here are some health benefits of it you must know about


Since it is a gentleman’s game, golfing must have some health benefits, right? Regarding this, you are right. Only think how much time people spend outside while performing it. Also, being a highly enjoyable type of game, playing more of it shouldn’t be that difficult. And since you can find so many cheap golf deals on, it would such a shame not to profit from them! However, below you can find some health benefits golfing has for you.

1. Bladder workout

Weird, right? Just as surprising as it might sound, your bladder needs to be strengthened from time to time. And while the long hours spent on the field and visiting the beautiful beer girl many golf courses have, pass, it becomes more obvious you need to contain your necessities for a little longer. After all, you cannot leave the field every 5 minutes for a short bathroom visit. Therefore, you accommodate and your bladder does too, becoming stronger and stronger. Do not forget, muscles control all your organs and controlling your bladder surely helps.

2. Golfing helps you burn calories

Need a low impact workout? Then golfing is the perfect workout for you! Covering huge areas of up to 200 acres, golfing requires a lot of movement, half squats, twists and swirls. This game practically works out all groups of muscles, from your legs, abdominals, arms. Movement combined with some strength workout surely does a lot for one’s figure. And since it has a great impact on legs, and they are the largest groups of muscles, the rates at which your body burns calories increase as well. And if you want an approximate number of calories golfers burn, there you have it, 1000!

3. Golfing increases relaxation levels

As intense as it might become sometimes, golfing surely helps with relaxation. Exposure to green fields increases the serotonin levels in our bodies, inducing a state of relaxation and happiness. Since serotonin is the hormone inducing happiness, golfing might actually combat with success depression and anxiety. Therefore, before trying antidepressants, give golfing a try!

Since golfing has so many benefits and you can get so many deal packs, it would be a shame not to profit from them! Not only they have physical benefits, they also have a great psychological impact! Get yourself a pack and see what it can do for you