Mental and physical benefits of deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage is a type of therapy that works on the deepest parts of muscle tissue and tendons. The result is that finger pressure eliminates tension from the body and provides other physical ailments. The specific action of this type of therapy is why doctors frequently recommend it as a treatment option for people suffering from pains originating from specific areas. Rubbing and kneading muscles and joints is not only a non-invasive treatment, but it is also a low-risk one. In addition to this, a massage Crows Nest has been proven to provide relaxation, which can also be useful for relieving pain. Keep reading this article to find out more about the many benefits of deep tissue massage.

Help with chronic pain

The truth is that deep tissue massage is actually the most effective treatment for relieving chronic pain. The reason for this is that the therapy focuses mainly on the deep muscles from the body. Applying pressure to the muscles increases the blood flow through the body and the result is that the inflammation that causes the pain is reduced. Additionally, finger pressure and strokes increase the production of so-called “feel good” chemicals, meaning the endorphins. These naturally produced chemicals are very useful for people dealing with acute back pain. In comparison to prescription medication that most people rely on, it is certainly an affordable alternative.

Improves blood pressure

Tension and stress can have serious effects on blood pressure. The deep tissue massage you can get from professional health facilities can reduce both diastolic and systolic pressure. After only one session, people have reported that their systolic pressure dropped by an average of 10.4 mm Hg. Equally important is the fact that rubbing and kneading muscles encourages the body to produce serotonin, a hormone that influences good feelings and happiness. Therefore, if you want to lead a more happy life, you should visit the spa more often.

Scar healing

Most people have scars originating from injuries and surgery. Scars on the body affect people not only physically, but also mentally. For this reason, they would do almost anything to have them erased. Apart from this, scar tissue is often associated with pain and stiffness. One efficient way of breaking up the tissue that tends to form after injury and surgery is to apply pressure and strokes to the area. After repeated sessions the scar tissue can even disappear because the massage improves the lymphatic circulation and the drainage of lymphatic fluids.

Mental health

Deep tissue massage promotes emotional health. There is no better way of relaxing and reducing stress levels than to have your muscles rubbed. When stress gets out of hand, it has a significant impact on the emotional health, but also on physical health. The explanation lies in the fact that psychological health translates into physical stress as well. The result is that your muscles ache and the heart rate goes up. As mentioned before, pressure and strokes applied to the muscles determines the production of serotonin that improves your mood and eliminates headaches.