Senior Home Safety: How to Prevent Trips and Falls

Putting your elderly parents in an assisted living facility might be the worst thing that ever happened to them. Everybody knows how attached seniors are to their homes, so asking them to leave the place that they know and love the most can represent a huge disappointment for the people who raised you, and took good care of you. Therefore, we advise you to adapt their house to their needs, and modify it in order to become a safer place to live in. Here are some effective senior home safety tricks.

Remove obstacles that can make seniors more prone to accidents

Trough carpets and rugs represent real threats for the elderly, as they represent the main reason why people trip and get injured. Furthermore, these accidents can be very dangerous for seniors who can’t recover from a fall as well as younger people, and they can have permanent consequences. If your rugs blend well in your interior design and you don’t like the idea of getting rid of them, you can use double-sided tape to keep them in place. Next, you need to take away cables and cords from the places with the highest traffic. Use clips to secure them along the walls and to reduce clutter.

Make the stairs safer

Most seniors are not able to climb the stairs on their own, and when they try to do so, they end up falling and hurting themselves. If you want to offer your parents access throughout the entire house, we suggest to install a stair lift in the home. Depending on your staircase structure, you can opt for a straight, or a curved stair lift, and if your parents can stand on their feet, but can’t bend their needs, you can even choose a standing stair lift for saving more space. However,  if your staircase is not too narrow, we advise you to opt for a seated stair lift that can be folded when not in use. If you want to analyze the most popular stair lifts, check out the reviews posted on

Improve the bathroom according to your parents’ needs

The best solution for preventing slipping in the bathroom is to add no-slip rubber mats on the floor, but also in the bathtub and shower. Grab-bars in the proximity of the toilet are essential for offering seniors more stability. Moreover, since most elderly people can’t bend their knees like they used to, an elevated toilet seat will make life much easier for them. So, you should consider this home improvement in order to help your parents avoid falls and dangerous wounds.