Take care of your skin like a pro

Whether you like it or not, in time, your skin will begin to show aging signs. Of course, you can prevent this by following some simple care and maintenance rules. For instance, it is generally known that you should never go to bed before you remove any make up or cosmetic product from your face. Overnight, the residues and agents that remain on the skin cover your pores, so your skin cannot breathe and natural oils secreted cannot be eliminated. In addition to night cleaning, here are some tips and tricks that will help you keep your skin younger and glowing as long as possible:

Follow a complete night routine

While removing make up before sleep is a common habit for most women, if you want your skin to take advantage of this rest time you need to have a complete routine. Start by eliminating any impurity from your face (you can use Asap ckearskin gel or any solution dedicated to face cleaning) then start to apply various lotions, depending on your needs. You can try a mild exfoliator, if your skin is dry, but remember not to exaggerate, because these solutions should not be use very often. In case you are beginning to have small wrinkles around your eyes, use a special eye cream or add a thin coat of night lotion. While you are asleep, the substance will penetrate the skin and you will wake up glowing.


Do not use cheap products

Your skin care products should not be something you spare money on. Watch this as an investment: if you buy qualitative creams and lotions, your skin will look amazing, and this pays off. In case you are thinking about purchasing “affordable” products, keep in mind the risks. These are probably created and delivered by small companies so you can never know what they consist in. You may be allergic to certain agents, so remember to read the labels before buying a cream, to avoid side effects like irritations or rashes.


Go to a professional salon from time to time

Even if you cannot afford, or you use the best skin care products at home, you should make an appointment for a cosmetic session several times a year. You will enjoy being treated like a queen and your skin will be rejuvenated by the most innovative treatments and solutions used by experienced staff. Do not hesitate to call a salon, because you definitely deserve this experience.