Take spinning classes while being pregnant   


Many women practice sport, because it helps them staying fit and relaxing after a busy day. However, when they get pregnant they have the wrong idea that they should stop any activity connected with sport. Some women try not gaining too much in weight while being pregnant, and they can do this by taking spinning classes. Many of them do not know that they can exercise during pregnancy, because spinning Toronto has minimum risks for both mom and baby. Pregnant women can follow a spinning course, but their exercise program will have a few modifications. Here are some tips for the women that want to take spinning classes while being pregnant.

Follow the instructor’s advice

If the pregnant woman did this type of exercise before becoming pregnant, she should stay at the exercises she is used to, but if she is starting these classes for the first time, she should follow the instructor advice, and begin with a 5 minutes exercise a day. In addition, many women do not tell their instructor that they are pregnant before starting exercising, and this is a mistake, because the instructor will push them to do exercises that they are not allowed to when experiencing this condition. Women should let their instructor know that they are pregnant, and he will create a personalized program for them.

Follow a personalized program

Pregnant women should create their own exercising program, because they have to take care of both their and their baby’s health. They should stay seated while spinning, because standing up during this type of class is too intense for them. In addition, pregnant women deal with swallowed joints and they should avoid adding extra pressure on them by standing while exercising. They should bring the handlebars closer to them, because they should sit back, and relieve lower back stress. If they used to exercise for an hour, now it is time to reduce it to half and devote the last part of the hour to yoga. During these classes, women should engage their pelvic floor to support their baby’s weight. Instructors say that if women do the exercises correctly they will avoid soreness in that area. Women should stay hydrated while spinning, and they should drink water before, during and after classes. They should listen their body, because it will transmit them when they should take a break, or that a simple walk is enough.