The impact of room temperature on health and well-being

Room temperature plays a very important role in the well-being of any person. While some may think that their health is not influenced by the temperature they maintain in their homes, there are many studies that have proven its effect on our bodies. To this extent, if you feel that your boiler is not functioning properly and thus failing to maintain your home at an optimum temperature, you should always hire boiler replacement London services to fix this problem as soon as possible. This is how room temperature influences your health:


How well you sleep

Many of the people who suffer from insomnia do not realise that their problem could be caused by the temperature in their room. Whether it is too cold or too hot, the fact is that a person needs between 18-21C to enjoy a good night’s sleep; anything below or above that will result in discomfort. In case of a lower temperature, you will not be able to go to sleep because you will be much too cold and if the temperature is too high, the air might start to feel either to dry or too moist, you will sweat, your mouth and throat will get dry and you will have many other signs of temperature discomfort.


Catch any colds lately?

Most people associate colds with low temperature, but they can catch them just as easily if their homes are too warm. This is because the difference between the interior and exterior climate is too high and when you step outside after having spent the entire day in shorts and a T-shirt, your body will go through a small shock. In addition, when you start to get dresses to go outside, the minutes you spend in your home before actually leaving will determine you to sweat, so when you get in the cold air outside, you will automatically feel cold and have higher chances of getting ill.


General comfort

While every person has a certain temperature they feel more comfortable at, this does not mean that you should maintain it at 25C or over, because you will start to feel its effects soon enough. You will either feel thirsty all the time or you will feel on the verge of sweating every time you do something that requires a little more stamina. The fact is that your health and well-being are influenced by how high or low you keep your thermostat, so you should always be careful with this aspect.