Three signs that you should see an eye doctor

People generally fear going to the doctor, especially an ophthalmologist, but you need to know that making an appointment for an eye exam is something you need to do at least once a year. However, a lot of individuals neglect this, since they have no obvious issues with their eyes. Unfortunately, this is not something healthy to do, because eye problems often go unnoticed, until it is too late to correct them. Visual ability can change over the course of one year, so you need to schedule an exam from time to time, to know exactly where you stand. There are many ordinary activities that may deteriorate your sight, such as reading for instance. Besides that, the constant use of the computer is also something that affects most people’s ability to see. You may think you are just tired, but there are certain signs that you should not ignore, because they clearly indicate that you need to see a professional eye doctor Woodbridge.

You experience frequent head aches

If you are struggling to get rid of constant migraines, then you probably should visit an ophthalmologist’s practice. Most people tend to neglect these headaches in the beginning, blaming the fatigue, cold or changes of weather, but most likely the problem is related to a visual dysfunction. Initially, you will notice how the pain appears after you spend an extended amount of time staying concentrated, in front of the computer, for example. But after a while, the occasional aches will become constant, which means that you should not waste any more time. Other concrete symptoms are red, dry and itchy eyes, as well as discomfort and pain when seeing flashes or floaters of light.


You have trouble seeing accurately

If you cannot focus (not concentrate, but see accurately) on a certain ting or word you see written, then an eye doctor may be very helpful. Blurred vision is a clear sign that you have problems and you have to make an appointment, unless you want the issue to become even more serious. Certain eye conditions advance very fast, so if you notice that you have trouble seeing clearly, reading the smallest letters in the newspaper or recognising someone from distance, so you have to look for specialised help. Do not ignore these symptoms and do not use improvised remedies, because you may cause more harm than good.


You suffer from a condition that affects the eyes

There are certain dysfunctions of the body which are likely to end up affecting your sight. Some of the most common are glaucoma and diabetes (condition transmitted genetically), which may alter your ability to see. If you are not ill, but you know someone from your family who suffered from these diseases, then you will need to visit an eye doctor’s clinic more often. Those who are in their 50s and beyond need to pay special attention to this, since they are the most exposed to vision issues.