Tips to compose the perfect resume for a radiographer job


Sometimes it is hard for radiographers to find the suitable job for their needs, even if they have some experience. In some situations, they want to further their career, and they do not have this opportunity because the hospital or clinic they are working in, does not offer them this possibility. But this is not a common situation with all the companies, because the population ages and because more and more diseases are arising every year, the need of diagnosing imaging increases. This means, that the employment climate for the radiographers is a very favourable one, and the only thing they need is to have a complete resume, which they could use when they find on the job market, a position which meets their requirements. Sometimes, the difference before getting one of the radiographer jobs in Ireland or not, is made by the resume, because this document is the one that offers the employer a clear image about your studies and skills.

Use marketing tools

When you compose your resume, you do not have to create it as a long list of credentials, because it might not attract the employer’s interest. If you want to get noticed by people, you should use different marketing tools to transform it into a piece, which relays your value proposition. Every employer is looking for different particularities, so you should take a look at the job description, and see what they are interested in. After seeing it, you have to make a list of your matching credentials, and state alongside with them some of the reasons why you are an excellent candidate for the position. The value proposition of your resume is represented by the main reasons why an employer should call you for an interview.

What main competencies should a radiographer have?

Some of the people do not even know what competencies they should focus on when they are writing their resume. Sometimes the company which lists the open position states them on the job description, and in case you consider that you own them, then you write them down in your resume. Other times, they let the applicants, state what they believe the suited skills for the job should be, and this is the case when you might write some ones that are not even required. The main competency you should have would be to be customer focused, because you are working in a domain where the patient is the most important one, and you have to see their needs as a priority.  Also, you have to owe excellent written and verbal communication skills, because you will have to discuss a lot of aspects with your patients, and you have to be able to share them the needed information. This is a job that requires great time management skills, because you will have to set your priorities and plan every one of the activities you are doing. In case you consider you have these skills, you should state them in your resume, because they will help you find the right job.