Tips to help you decide on the size of your breast implants

Whether it is done for aesthetic or medical reasons, breast implant surgery is one of the most popular procedures in the world. Nowadays, good surgeons and clinics are not hard to find and women who want to look good in their own skin care find effective solutions. However, if the job of the surgeon is to make sure the result looks exactly as expect, it is the job of the client to know exactly what she wants and why. Before even starting to look for breast implants London clinics, you should think carefully about what size breasts you would like to have. It’s an important decision to make and you shouldn’t have second thoughts.

Take your height and build into account

One of the first things women forget when choosing the ideal breast size is that they consider the breasts alone, and not the whole ensemble. Keep in mind that the breasts should look great on your body, on your proportions. Voluptuous double D breasts might sound great in theory, but if you are thin and petite, they will not look flattering at all. The experts at Centre for Surgery on Harley Street advise women that implants shouldn’t look obvious and overwhelming, but natural and proportionate to your height and weight, so keep that in mind.

Test different breast sizes

Sometimes, a breast size sounds great until you actually have it. To avoid unpleasant surprises, test your desired bra size for a few weeks first. One way of testing is to buy a larger size bra and fill the cups with neoprene packs. Wear your bra like this and see if you are comfortable with the size. If you feel awkward or uncomfortable, then consider going for something smaller or larger.

Don’t make drastic changes

Professional surgeons Omar Tillo and Luciano Perrone draw attention to the fact that the body needs some time to adjust to changes, so women should have realistic goals. If you are currently a size A, don’t go all the way to size D all at once. Instead, take things slowly and consider the option of augmenting your breasts gradually. Increasing your bra size by one or two cups at first and then doing another surgery in a couple of years’ time.

Your breasts could grow after surgery

If you are having breast implants before giving birth, keep in mind that your breast could grow after the pregnancy. In general, surgeons advise either postponing the implants until after giving birth (this way you could have a breast lift done too) or going for a smaller size so you don’t need a retouch right away.

Your preference is the only one that matters

Last, but not least, breast augmentation is not a cheap procedure and, if you have it done, you want to be happy with it. When deciding on the size, choose something that makes you happy and confident and don’t seek validation from anyone else. While it’s always a good idea to ask friends and family for their opinions, you should have the final word.