Tips to permanently lose weight

Many people who have managed to lose weight and to reach their body goals have problems with making these results permanent. After losing the specific number of pounds they have planned in the beginning, they tend to stop sticking to the same schedule and they usually fall back into the same old habits that made them gain weight. Knowing some useful and reliable tips to permanently lose weight might really help people who are in the same situation, and you can find these tips below.

Stick to the diet

The moment you have decided you need to lose weight it is also the moment you should take into account going on a diet. In order to benefit from the best results, it is important to go to a professional and trust-worthy nutritionist that can help you establish a diet that is specifically designed for you. It is important to know that all the diets that can be found online may or may not work on your body, since everyone is different in their own way. The main reason that you should go to a nutritionist is that they can design a long term diet that will not require any major lifestyle changes. You should stick to the diet even after you have reached the desired weight, so you can maintain it.


It is important to remember that dieting alone will not bring you the desired results. You have to exercise and to do one or more sports in order to help your body eliminate all that fat that is threatening your health. Our advice is to find a type of workout that is convenient for you. For example, if you feel that you are wasting time and money by going to the gym, consider getting a good cardio equipment for home use. We recommend the Needak rebounder. It provides a great workout which works your entire body, without putting any pressure on your joints. Moreover, the Needak rebounder is relatively small, and it can be folded for easy storage. You can rebound in the morning after you wake up, or in the evening after you can home from work. You can even exercise while watching your favorite TV-show. This way, you can relax while also toning your body. You should know that the results will be seen in time, but they will definitely be for the long-term. Focus on losing weight gradually and not twenty pounds in a week, because this will only harm your body.

Measure yourself before starting this process

You should measure yourself every now and then during this process, even from the day before you start dieting. Seeing how much weight you have lost two weeks after starting this process will give you confidence and it will help you remain positive about continuing this even after losing the desired weight.

Do not keep large clothes after losing weight

If you have lost enough weight that you can fit in clothes with smaller size, you should get rid of all those large clothes from your wardrobe. You can either sell them or donate them to charity. Another good method is to embark on some DIY projects and start redesigning and refashioning your old, now too large clothes. Regardless of what you choose, letting go of your large clothes will make you feel more self-confident and it will give you more strength to continue losing weight until reaching the specific target.

You can cheat sometimes, but not too often

Even though you are on a very strict diet and you do your exercises every day, you might still be tempted to eat some sweets or some junk food. You can actually do this as a way to treat yourself in order not to go insane. However, you should not opt to eat ‘forbidden’ food for an entire day, because you might end up working the rest of the week for something you have eaten in only one day, so opt for a cheat meal instead.