Types of chemical peels in Toronto

Chemical peels are a minimally invasive skin treatment that can be virtually used by any person and brings multiple benefits to the table. Facial peels are suitable for any age, as they can diminish wrinkles, even the skin tone, minimize acne scarring and stimulate cell renewal. Even though some people may find chemical peels Toronto scary, the fact is that nothing get literally peeled. A series of products that dissolve the superficial layers of the skin are applied and thus the skin is stimulated to heal itself and to promote collagen growth. Of course, like any other treatment, these peels are available in various options, depending on the needs of every person. Here are the main types of chemical peels available in Toronto:

Superficial peels

This is the mildest type of procedure and it is suitable for all skin types. During this procedure only a small layer of skin is removed, so the patient can expect full recovery after just a few days. This type of treatment is suitable for minor wrinkles, minor skin discoloration and mild skin scarring. Specialists recommend about 6 sessions every few weeks in order to obtain the maximum results. The main benefit of choosing the superficial chemical peel is that the chances of discomfort and side effects are minimum and you can enjoy a smoother skin and fewer scars after only a few sessions.


Medium peels

The medium chemical peels penetrate the skin deep and thus can remove deeper scars and wrinkles. They are also more suitable for cleaning pores and sun damaged areas of the skin, as they remove the middle layers of the skin and can therefore reach the damaged skin better. After this type of peel the skin will look slightly pinker than usual and it will be more sensitive to light, so it is advised to wear a cream with high SPF factor and keep out of direct light. The patient can expect a full recovery after about 2 weeks, after which the results will become visible.


Deep chemical peels

These are the most aggressive type of peels and are only recommended to patients with severe scarring and wrinkles. These peels actually cause the skin to burn, as they penetrate into its deepest layers. The skin is fully recovered after a few months and the patient will need to have extra care when going out and apply the recommended products.


With any of these treatments patients should make sure a professional clinician performs it in order to avoid any risk and potential side effects. The peeling specialists is also the one who will advise patients regarding the type of peel they should get and the number of sessions they should undergo. Each person reacts differently to these treatments, but the results are positive, especially for those who suffer from acne scarring and mild wrinkles. The skin looks rejuvenated and the complexion becomes brighter. When you choose a professional clinic to have your chemical peel, you will have the certainty that you are in good hands and your peel with be done by a professional.