Vaping VS. Smoking – which is better?

If you are a smoker and have been for a long time, it can seem difficult to give up on this bad habit. Smokers realize the health risks they are expose to, but the majority of them are unable to quit, regardless of how many methods they have tried. However, nowadays, you have the possibility of choosing a healthier alternative, which offers the same sensations but with less risks, and that is vaping. You have probably heard about electronic cigarettes yourself and the many e-liquids found on the market, including bad drip, but perhaps you are not aware of all the benefits. Here are just a few reasons why vaping is better than smoking:


Let’s start with the most important and relevant reason why e-cigs are better – and that is the health impact it can have. In comparison with normal cigarettes, which you probably know already in what way they can affect your health in both the short and long term, electronic ones are far less harmful. Whether you are addicted to nicotine, or you just enjoy the physical act of smoking, e-cigs are a far better option, from various health reasons. It has been scientifically proven that this alternative has not triggered any diseases, the health risks involved being close to zero. So if you want to change your lifestyle, and prevent yourself from dealing with various health conditions, choose this option instead.


Another great advantage of vaping is that it is versatile, and you have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of flavors, whichever you like best. The market has to offer many interesting ejuice flavors, which are particularly attractive to smokers. From skittles to candy, bubblegum and even cereal, you will be amazed of the extensive selection of options you can come across. So, even if you might not be able to quit smoking, it is still worth it to try a few of them out.


Last but not least, replacing normal cigarettes with an electronic one is the convenient thing to do. Because nowadays it is forbidden to smoke in almost any bar, restaurant, pub and many public places, as a smoker you probably feel often frustrated because you are unable to smoke whenever you want. Well, with an e-cigarette, this is no longer a problem, because in the majority of situations, vaping is socially acceptable, and you will not have to go outside for a smoke each time. Let’s face it, this is a really good reasos to go with the e-cig.

If you are unable to give up smoking, although you are completely aware of the health repercussions it can bring, switch to a healthier alternative – vaping. As you have been able to understand from the information stated above, vaping is superior to smoking from several points of view, including protecting your health. Give this option a try, and see how the entire experience goes and if it is of your liking. However, make sure to purchase only high quality e-liquids, and to try different flavors, in order to experience what vaping is really like.