Visceral Fat Measurement – Importance of Staying Between Healthy Parameters

What is visceral fat?

In order to understand the importance of staying healthy, you must first understand what visceral fat is. We should mention that everyone has this kind of fat, in fact, when you measure your waist, you’re measuring the visceral fat. The reason why humans have it is because the fat is what keeps our organs safe from each other. This means that the fat is “deeply” stored by the body. Thus, it is harder to get rid of it because there aren’t any good enough exercises to work the intro-abdominal fat tissues. It is important that you keep a balanced diet so your body does not have the opportunity to accumulate extra fat cells.

Health risks of exceeding the healthy parameters

Too much of anything can be a potential risk to your health. The extra fat you may be carrying can lead to high blood pressure which then this, in turn, can damage your heart. Before this happens, the extra fat creates damages to your liver. After this, your metabolism and hormone levels are put in danger because of the extra fat cells that travel around your body. Taking all of this into consideration, you should be aware why it’s important to stay within the healthy parameters. Below, we are giving extra information on how this fat can damage your internal system:


The extra fat cells can be overwhelming for your liver and thus, your liver will stop functioning properly. This then leads to your organ to pass a greater amount of cholesterol and toxins through your veins and arteries. If you have excess fat, your liver will swell, scar and even lead to liver failure. It’s harder for your body to regenerate a damaged liver and you may be on prescribed medicines for a long period of time. This is why it’s key to stay healthy because you do not want to spend time in the hospital or money on medicines.

Heart problems

The cholesterol which circulates through your blood will eventually clog your arteries. If your arteries are clogged, your heart will not receive as much oxygenated blood as it should. This will lead to a heart attack or strokes. Furthermore, because of the fat, you can also get high blood pressure. This means that the faster the blood flows, the quicker it is for arterial plaque to build up. Not being in the healthy parameters is a dangerous game because you’re essentially putting yourself at risk of being on medication for the rest of your life and you can also risk death.


There’s no hiding that excess fat messes with your hormone levels. Studies show that the more fat you have, the more likely you are to develop depression. Your body’s main priority is to revive the organs which are damaged by the fat. Therefore, your serotonin levels will decrease. This chemical is what keeps your moods under control because it carries signals between and along nerves. To put it in simple terms, if your serotonin levels are low, the more likely you are to behave irrational and to develop depression. Living a healthy life means a healthy mind.

How to measure your visceral fat

Using a body fat scale is key. It’s not enough to use a normal scale in order to measure the fat which is located deep in your tissues. You have to measure and calculate the fat in your body to make sure you’re living a healthy life. A body fat scale is innovative because it uses the latest technology to do its job. The inventive bioelectrical impedance will give you an accurate measurement of what you really need. It will trigger an electrical current (you won’t feel anything) which will pass through your legs and pelvis. This is essential because our muscles conduct electricity whereas the extra fat doesn’t. Thus, the more your body is resistant to the electrons, the more body fat you have. This calculation is then combined with your age, height, and gender. Purchasing this gadget is an investment rather than a spend because it lasts for a long period of time and you will get an accurate measurement of body fat each time.