When can a child get dental implants?


When they are young, children believe that nothing could hurt them and they tend to get involved in various activities. Unfortunately, some of those activities may end quite bad for them if they do not take all necessary precautions, and they can get injured very easily, thus making them lose a tooth when they fall. This Youtube video will give you a much clearer perspective on what dental implants are all about and whether or not to consider this an option for your child. You can also find some very useful tips below in this article.

Are dental implants actually recommended for children?

Dentists refer to knocked out teeth as avulsed teeth. Accidents that imply the loss of one or more teeth are considered extremely serious dental emergencies and they must be taken care of as soon as possible. However, when it comes to children, this solution is usually to be avoided. Many people are of the opinion that the reason why kids cannot get dental implants is that they are made out of an artificial crown and titanium and these materials are considered to be unsuitable for a child’s mouth, but in reality this is not the real reason. These materials are actually safe, yet it is not recommended for little ones to have dental implants because they have not stopped growing. As they grow, their jaws continue to develop. They are advised to wait until they reach at least 18 years old to have dental implants.

What happens if a child gets dental implant after all?

Professional dentists know the risks that come with placing an implant in a child’s mouth, so if you go to a dentist that tells you dental implant is the one and only solution to your child, you should consider looking for another one. These implants will do more harm than good to the kid’s mouth, because they will obstruct his or her natural jaw growth. This will automatically have an undesired effect on the other teeth, in the sense that the implant will force the teeth to grow in awkward positions and asymmetrically.

What is the suitable age for dental implants?

The truth is there is no general rule for when a child can get dental implant. This only depends from one individual to another. When their jaws have finished growing, it is safe to have dental implants. It is recommended to pay the dentist visits on a regular basis to have a professional determine when the best time for this intervention is. In general, females who have reached the age of 15 and males who have reached the age of 17 have a fully grown jaw, which means that from now on, they are suitable for dental implants. Nevertheless, it is still important to get a specialist’s opinion on this matter.

Are there any other treatments for tooth loss in children?

Know that if children lose their baby teeth, new teeth will be coming in in a short period. Tooth replacement is a solution to consider only when the little one has lost their permanent tooth. Flippers, which are removable appliances used to fill the blank space, or braces are only two alternatives to dental implants. It is essential to find a professional dentist and have a discussion with them on this topic first.