Why do doctors recommend taking calcium supplements?


You might have noticed that the majority of doctors recommend their patients to take calcium supplements, and you might be wondering why they are doing so. The first reason why they recommend people taking supplements is that they cannot take the minerals and vitamins they need from aliments, because they do not include in their diet the aliments that would contain these nutrients. Also, many doctors recommend Algaecal plus because they know that virtually everyone could develop osteoporosis, and taking calcium is an effective way to prevent this condition. If you want to find more details about the reasons why so many doctors advise their patients taking calcium supplements, you should read the lines below.

It is essential for skeletal development

Osteoporosis is caused by an abnormal skeletal development, and you should avoid it by taking calcium supplements to fight deficiency. It is essential, especially for children, to have an ample intake of minerals, because in this way the bone development is prolonged and catalysed.

It can reduce kidney stones

You might have the misconception that calcium is the main culprit that leads to the occurrence of kidney stones. But the fact is that there are scientific researches that show that if you take the amount of minerals required by the body, you would be able to safeguard it against the development of kidney stones, and you would not have to suffer from pain anymore.

It regulates blood pressure

The most of the calcium from people’s bodies is found in the bones, but a small quantity is also found in the blood, and it has a crucial role in regulating the blood pressure. If you take a regular dosage of calcium, you would prevent suffering from hypertension in the future.

It could prevent cancer

In modern times, people are looking for a way to cure and prevent cancer, but they focus so much on complicated treatments, they forget that they have a simple way of doing this. You should take more often calcium supplements, because it is common known that anti-oxidants have a great role on fighting against cancer cells. Moreover, in case there are people who are suffering from cancer, they should take supplements, because recent studies show that it is effective in fighting ovarian, colorectal and breast cancer.

These are only a few of the reasons why so many doctors prescribe their patients calcium supplements, so you should ask yours what type of calcium you should take and for how long time.